Through a temporary sales tax, NOT a property tax.

Community needs and current usage have created demand for indoor and outdoor activities that have outpaced current offerings. Through three community recreation opportunities, our goal is to improve health outcomes in the region and have a positive economic impact.

Just a 0.5% increase

(That's 50 cents per $100)

Want to do the math yourself? Multiply any amount by 0.005! Make sure to exclude groceries and clothing!

Does NOT include taxes on:





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The vote is on November 8th. Your individual polling place is based on where you live. For more information, you can look up your polling place.

This plan is driven by a community needs assessment that was conducted in January 2021. Current recreation needs and current usage outpace what is offered in Hermantown.

Anyone shopping at Hermantown businesses will be contributing to the funding of the park, arena, and trail system. The entire region will help to support this initiative!

The arena addition allows for greater access to ice time for community members of all ages. Hermantown kids will also have more opportunities for rest and play with local indoor ice time. To top it all off, businesses will benefit from tournaments.

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